Panic at the Job Market (matt.sh)
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A brief interview with Awk creator Dr. Brian Kernighan (2022) (pldb.io)

He discussed associative arrays and pattern-action paradigm, mentioned Yacc and Lex, and recommended creating special-purpose languages.

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TinyPod – Apple Watch case with scroll wheel (thetinypod.com)

Applies to Apple Watch Series 4 to 9

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NVIDIA Transitions Fully Towards Open-Source Linux GPU Kernel Modules (developer.nvidia.com)

Open-source driver now offers better performance, HMM support, and is compatible with Turing, Ampere, Lovelace, and Hopper GPUs

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Show HN: Product Hunt for Music (tracklist.it)

Features daily/weekly track rotation and user submission options.

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Rye Language (ryelang.org)

Written in Go, includes a validation dialect and a spreadsheet datatype, handles code errors and failures differently, and has no nil, null, or none values.

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Reverse-Engineering an IP Camera (2019) (dalpix.com)

Author's motivation due to functionality change and security concerns with new camera's P2P technology.

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Import and Export Markdown in Google Docs (workspaceupdates.googleblog.com)

Google Workspace team's updates and Google Cloud Community resources are mentioned

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Graunt and Statistics (www.delanceyplace.com)

Graunt's work was motivated by societal transition and possibly inspired market research and military manpower estimation.

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Researchers build a solar-powered hovering drone that weighs only 9 mg (arstechnica.com)

Uses an electrostatic motor powered by a high-voltage converter, hovered over an hour, and generated milliwatt of power.

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Binary Search Tree with SIMD (clement-jean.github.io)

Algorithm uses parent-children triangles and popcount for SIMD searches, implemented in Go assembly for ARM64 with a demo and benchmarks.

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Show HN: Blitzping – A far faster nping/hping3 SYN-flood alternative with CIDR (github.com)

Benchmarks show higher packet rate and bandwidth usage than hping3 and nping.

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How we sped up Notion in the browser with WASM SQLite (www.notion.so)

Gained 20% improvement in page navigation times, used OPFS, Web Workers, and SharedWorker, addressed cross-origin isolation, corruption, and concurrency issues.

165 points by jFriedensreich on 2024-07-12 | 59 comments | Direct link
NSCopyObject, the griefer that keeps on griefing (wadetregaskis.com)

Explores issues caused by NSCopyObject and provides solutions for manual retain count handling in subclassing.

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MASt3R – Matching and Stereo 3D Reconstruction (europe.naverlabs.com)

Model outperforms others in relocalization and MVS, crucial for autonomous navigation and AR/VR

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Mystery as 4k-year-old axe-heads sent to museum (www.bbc.com)

Sender's identity sought to verify find location and circumstances.

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The Greatest Educational Life Hack: Learning Math Ahead of Time (www.justinmath.com)

Pre-learning math can lead to academic success, career advancements, and exposure to higher education opportunities.

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Does generative AI facilitate investor trading? Evidence from ChatGPT outages (papers.ssrn.com)

Investors' reliance on GAI for trading news-related tasks linked to trading volume decline and price impact during outages.

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iDOS 3 App Review appeal rejected despite UTM PC Emulator Approval (litchie.com)

Apple rejected iDOS submission due to duplication and design spam, while UTM emulator was approved

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Darwin Machines (vedgie.net)

Explains how Darwin Machines use competition of firing patterns in minicolumns of the brain to encode tendencies and solve problems

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XLSTMTime: Long-Term Time Series Forecasting with xLSTM (arxiv.org)

describes a platform for collaborators to develop and share new features for arXiv

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BBC Television Received in New York – November 1938 (archive.org)

Footage of BBC announcers and period drama survives from unique 1938 broadcast.

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Win your fantasy league using operations research (www.alexmolas.com)

Author's implementation details and league comparison results

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Signs of two gases in clouds of Venus could indicate life, scientists say (www.theguardian.com)

Study provides stronger evidence for phosphine and detects ammonia, both following Venus' day-night cycle.

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Tom Lehrer and Santa Cruz: the trail of one of America's premier satirists (lookout.co)

Lehrer taught mathematics at UCSC and was known for his musical mathematics classes.

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Optimizing a bignum library for fun (austinhenley.com)

Benchmarks showing 83% and 99% improvement in addition and multiplication, and mentions of further optimizations and features.

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Stop Microsoft users sending 'reactions' to email by adding a postfix header (neilzone.co.uk)

Author added 'x-ms-reactions: disallow' header to Postfix configuration to suppress email reactions

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Run CUDA, unmodified, on AMD GPUs (docs.scale-lang.com)

Utilizes Spectral Compute's toolkit, supports automated tests for open-source projects, and covers various GPU models

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The golden age of scammers: AI-powered phishing (www.mailgun.com)

AI phishing's four pillars and IBM's 5/5 rule detailed

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Against choosing your political allegiances based on who is "pro-crypto" (vitalik.eth.limo)

Crypto movement's techno-libertarian ethos and importance of other tech freedoms stressed

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Of Analog Signal Filtering (lcamtuf.substack.com)

Describes behavior of RC circuits as low-pass filters, cutoff frequency formula, and application to various input waveforms and higher-order filters.

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I am starting an AI+Education company (twitter.com)

Summary not available, redirects to unrelated content

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Cloudflare reports almost 7% of internet traffic is malicious (www.zdnet.com)

Attacks tied to geopolitical events, rapid exploitation of vulnerabilities, surge in DDoS attacks, and widespread automated bot traffic contribute to increase in malicious internet traffic.

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Stop Offering Me Amazon Gift Cards (www.trevoragilbert.com)

Highlights unethical practice, potential backfiring, and desperation signs

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Show HN: Boards – Automate document-heavy tasks (www.kili.so)

It supports various tasks like managing payments, tracking sales, handling shipments, onboarding employees, inventory management, and expense organization.

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Inside an IBM/Motorola mainframe controller chip from 1981 (www.righto.com)

Article also covers mainframe's background, capacity, and IBM 3274 Control Unit's functions

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Founder Gigs (foundergigs.com)

It also offers resources and highlights gig economy rise

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'Sensational' Proof Delivers New Insights into Prime Numbers (www.quantamagazine.org)

Cap set on number of exceptions of a specific type, focusing on zeros with real part of 3/4

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Making Elizabethan plays understandable and fun to read (elizabethandrama.org)

Website offers unique features and includes non-Shakespearean works.

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Httpwtf? (httptoolkit.com)

Explains detailed aspects of HTTP, such as caching, trailers, status codes, headers, and websockets.

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Butter made from CO2, not cows, tastes like 'the real thing', claims startup (www.theguardian.com)

Backed by Bill Gates, targets low carbon footprint, plans 2025 sales, also makes dairy-free ice-cream and cheese

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Introduction to Bash Scripting (github.com)

Includes advanced topics, resources, and real-life examples.

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OpenStreetMap's 20th Anniversary Celebration is August 9 (birthday20.openstreetmap.org)

Project started in 2004, data model and license details, regional organizations, and maintenance information

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