Silicon Valley's best kept secret: Founder liquidity (www.stefantheard.com)

Employees should advocate for transparency regarding founder liquidity's impact on risk-reward landscape.

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Faxes from the Far Side of the Moon (2018) (www.damninteresting.com)

Program Genetrix used radar-detectable steel rods, later influencing Lunik 3 probe.

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Medieval Game Pieces Emerge from the Ruins of a German Castle (news.artnet.com)

Artifacts include flower-shaped game pieces and from 11th/12th century; some will be exhibited in German museums and 3D views are available online.

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Intel is trucking a 916k-pound 'Super Load' across Ohio to its new fab (www.tomshardware.com)

Includes a 20 feet wide, 280 feet long cold box and details construction plans.

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Researchers make a supercapacitor from water, cement, and carbon black (www.bbc.com)

Innovation uses cement and carbon black, charges quickly, and could reduce reliance on lithium batteries.

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Lexbor – An open source HTML Renderer library (github.com)

Lexbor supports specifications such as HTML5, CSS Syntax, URL, Punycode, and Unicode, and has libraries for various platforms and external bindings.

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Terence Tao on proof checkers and AI programs (www.scientificamerican.com)

Explores AI's role in verifying mathematical proofs and future potential for large-scale collaboration.

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Twenty, a modern CRM alternative to Salesforce (twenty.com)

Built on customer data, offers SaaS benefits with Open Source cost savings, targets fast-growing companies.

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Metaflora (flora.metazooa.com)

Game provides feedback by taxonomic rank and reveals one Mystery Plant per day.

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Wild horses reintroduced to Kazakhstan steppes after absence of two centuries (www.theguardian.com)

Horses' extinction caused by human activities; Goal of modern zoos is returning animals to the wild.

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Water is bursting from another abandoned West Texas oil well, continuing a trend (www.texastribune.org)

Rancher witnesses increase, cause remains unexplained, possibly due to fracking wastewater and gas interactions.

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Python wheel filenames have no canonical form (blog.yossarian.net)

Flexibility in ordering and duplicating compressed tag sets causes lack of canonical form

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Stoke Space ignites its ambitious main engine (arstechnica.com)

Company plans to build a reusable two-stage Nova rocket, with first stage using 7 S1E engines and second stage having regeneratively cooled heat shield, aiming for 2026 launch.

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Spilo: High Availability PostgreSQL cluster using Docker (github.com)

Includes Patroni for HA, used in Helm chart with five-node cluster, assumes configured load balancer.

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George Gorton Machine Co engraver typefaces (luc.devroye.org)

Digital versions of Gorton typefaces are available

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Show HN: Restate – Low-latency durable workflows for JavaScript/Java, in Rust (restate.dev)

Introducing Restate 1.0 and its serverless deployment option, Restate Cloud.

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How to make colored fire at home (2020) (sciencenotes.org)

Different chemicals produce specific colors and certain chemicals should not be mixed; safety precautions are emphasized.

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My First Production Bug (robinverschueren.com)

Intern's first bugfix updates autonomous driving system's framerate in technical consulting job.

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Eye Miniatures (ca. 1790–1810) (publicdomainreview.org)

A self-portrait of a miniaturist, Sarah Goodridge's 'Beauty Revealed', is more direct than lovers' eyes.

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How Alexa dropped the ball on being the top conversational system (www.mihaileric.com)

Article's focus is on Alexa's internal issues during hypergrowth, suggestions for future.

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Wild elephants may have names that other elephants use to call them (www.npr.org)

A machine learning model identified the correct recipient of a call 27.5% of the time, and elephants responded more strongly to playbacks of calls addressed to them.

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Making iron gall ink from oak galls (nyanpasu64.gitlab.io)

The summary discusses the historical use of the ink, its corrosive properties, and the author's personal experience making it.

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Jank's new persistent string is fast (2023) (jank-lang.org)

Proposes a 23-byte SSO and details three string cases with bit-marked owned large strings.

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I built an ROV to solve missing person cases (suanto.com)

Project started in late 2020 solves two cold cases using GPS, sonar, and public sources.

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Show HN: Revideo – Create Videos with Code (github.com)

Forked from Motion Canvas, offers headless rendering, real-time previews, and telemetry option.

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Francis Ford Coppola's “Godfather Notebook” (jillianhess.substack.com)

Notebook's content: notes on novel, character development, tone, historical context, and marginal notes.

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Elixir 1.17 released: set-theoretic types in patterns, durations, OTP 27 (elixir-lang.org)

New features include warnings for common mistakes, a Duration data type, and calendar functions.

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My War (1982) (harpers.org)
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Ask HN: Are you still using your Vision Pro?
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Self-Serve Dashboards (briefer.cloud)

Article argues SQL is the only true self-serve BI tool, criticizing dropdown/checkbox interfaces and text-to-SQL tools.

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Third Form of Life Makes Energy in 'Remarkable' Ways, Scientists Discover (www.sciencealert.com)

Nine phyla of archaea have enzymes for hydrogen production and consumption, allowing survival in extreme environments.

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Coqui.ai TTS: A Deep Learning Toolkit for Text-to-Speech (github.com)

Now supports 16 languages, offers voice cloning and streaming, and provides 1100 pre-trained models.

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I like the RP2040 (dgroshev.com)

Manufacturer, features, and unbrickability detailed.

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Flameshot – Open-source screenshot software (flameshot.org)

highly customizable, includes editing tools, command-line interface

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Perspective-Correct Interpolation (andrewkchan.dev)

Explains barycentric coordinates, details texture mapping issues with affine method, and mentions older hardware limitations.

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The Mythical Promise of Tin Foil Hats (gizmodo.com)

Modern tin foil hats amplify certain frequencies, popular with 5G concerns, despite lack of evidence for mind control via EM waves.

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Home-Cooked Software and Barefoot Developers (maggieappleton.com)

Article mentions language models' role in enabling 'barefoot developers' and a potential 'golden age' for local software.

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Edward C. Stone, 1936-2024 (www.caltech.edu)

led 21 space missions as JPL director, contributed to LIGO and Keck Observatory, received numerous awards.

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Official documentation of Framework Laptop 16 (Now featuring 3D CAD models) (github.com)

No summary of the laptop's features provided, only mention of a commit in a repository.

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The Rise and Fall of BNN Breaking, an AI-Generated News Outlet (www.nytimes.com)

An AI chatbot caused factual errors, leading to false stories and a defamation lawsuit.

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Databricks launches LakeFlow to help its customers build their data pipelines (techcrunch.com)

Databricks aims to eliminate third-party solutions with new in-house data engineering tool

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Jgs Font (adelfaure.net)
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My Favourite Gleam Feature (erikarow.land)

Explores Gleam's syntax, argument ordering, pipe operator, and learnability, compared to other languages.

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