How Actors Remember Their Lines (thereader.mitpress.mit.edu)

Actors' memory strategy improves everyday memory too, through deeper information processing.

107 points by pepys 3 hours ago | 23 comments | Direct link
Meaningful Nonsense: How I generate sentences (www.amygoodchild.com)

System consists of rules, word lists, and sentence structures for generating sentences.

32 points by ingve one hour ago | 12 comments | Direct link
SVG Gobbler – Find, optimize, edit, and export SVGs (github.com)

It also converts SVGs into various formats and minified Data URIs, and exports SVGs as React components using SVGR.

57 points by themoodyrooster 3 hours ago | 6 comments | Direct link
Kino: Pro Video Camera (www.lux.camera)

App now available for $9.99, with advanced features and intuitive interface.

697 points by louis-paul 15 hours ago | 257 comments | Direct link
Donating forks to the dining hall (1.coc0o44.preview.ben.page)

Ben's personal initiative and the forks' far-reaching impact.

320 points by kickofline yesterday | 94 comments | Direct link
A seventh-grader student found a beautiful proof to Thales' Theorem (www.cut-the-knot.org)

Proof involves rotating triangle to form a rectangle inside circle

32 points by samdung 3 hours ago | 16 comments | Direct link
FrankenPHP: Modern PHP App Server (frankenphp.dev)

Project by Ryan Weaver simplifies management, uses custom-built SAPI, and eliminates PHP-FPM.

204 points by aquova 5 hours ago | 116 comments | Direct link
Fast Shadow Stacks for Go (blog.felixge.de)

Explores implementation details and potential downsides of shadow stacks in Go.

31 points by ingve yesterday | 8 comments | Direct link
Vector indexing all of Wikipedia on a laptop (foojay.io)

Process took 5.5 hours and discusses compression parameters and graph indexing.

389 points by tjake 15 hours ago | 120 comments | Direct link
Ultrasonic Coffee (www.theguardian.com)

Method, flavor, and caffeine enhancements, as well as commercialization plans.

24 points by alkyon 22 hours ago | 13 comments | Direct link
New attention mechanisms that outperform standard multi-head attention (arxiv.org)

Introduces a platform called arXivLabs with collaborative features

196 points by snats 13 hours ago | 36 comments | Direct link
Starlink's disruption of the space industry (www.thespacereview.com)

Starlink's impact on SpaceX's processes and launch market, competitors' strategies, and geopolitical implications

120 points by mlindner yesterday | 131 comments | Direct link
DuckDB Doesn't Need Data to Be a Database (www.nikolasgoebel.com)

Virtual database created with instructions for working with separate data blobs.

277 points by tosh 23 hours ago | 94 comments | Direct link
The Pen Hospital in Kolkata will nurse your broken fountain pen back (www.vogue.in)

Run by Muhammad Imtiaz, it serves a dedicated clientele and offers various nibs for different purposes.

128 points by axiomdata316 12 hours ago | 30 comments | Direct link
Google releases smart watch for kids (store.google.com)

Paid data plan, Fitbit Arcade games, activity tracking, and parental supervision features included.

215 points by goeldhru 14 hours ago | 529 comments | Direct link
IBDNS: Intentionally Broken DNS server (www.afnic.fr)

Afnic releases IBDNS to improve Zonemaster and simulate incorrect DNS behavior.

207 points by patadune 16 hours ago | 20 comments | Direct link
Johnny Cash – Strawberry Cake (playingintheworldgame.com)

Song's lyrics describe homeless man's past struggles and stolen strawberry cake.

34 points by MrJagil yesterday | 6 comments | Direct link
I sold TinyPilot, my first successful business (mtlynch.io)

Founder sold TinyPilot for $598,000 with a broker commission of $88,900 and legal fees of $18,297.

784 points by mtlynch 18 hours ago | 258 comments | Direct link
Gov. Polis Signs Bill Mandating That Consumers Have Options to Fix Electronics (coloradotimesrecorder.com)

Bill applies to various digital electronics and encourages other jurisdictions to follow.

361 points by rmason 12 hours ago | 77 comments | Direct link
How Waymo outlasted the competition and made robo-taxis a real business (fortune.com)

Waymo offers autonomous rideshare services in 3 cities, conducting 50,000 rides per week and leads over competitors like Uber, Cruise, and Apple.

79 points by webel0 12 hours ago | 147 comments | Direct link
Kaplay – a JavaScript library that helps you make games fast and fun (kaplayjs.com)

Forked from Kaboom.js after layoffs at replit led to its abandonment.

60 points by JSLegendDev 9 hours ago | 8 comments | Direct link
Era3D: High-Resolution Multiview Diffusion Using Efficient Row-Wise Attention (penghtyx.github.io)

Avoids shape distortions and reduces computation complexity by 12x times.

100 points by jasondavies 14 hours ago | 9 comments | Direct link
Show HN: Serverless Postgres (github.com)

Experimental MVP utilizing Fly.io, Oriole, and Tigris with S3 storage, background workers for data backup, and planned improvements.

133 points by kiwicopple 16 hours ago | 44 comments | Direct link
First Bioprocessor Powered by Human Brain Organoids (www.tomshardware.com)

Powered by human brain organoids, Neuroplatform reduces environmental impacts with shorter-lived organoids.

94 points by Hadi7546 yesterday | 46 comments | Direct link
Codestral: Mistral's Code Model (mistral.ai)

Outperforms competitors in performance and latency, praised by developers for speed and impact.

416 points by alexmolas 18 hours ago | 185 comments | Direct link
Show HN: Right-click and save content directly to Google Sheets (www.addtosheets.com)

Extension is compatible with Brave and Microsoft Edge, and can be used for various productivity tasks and as a CRM.

16 points by siegers 6 hours ago | 4 comments | Direct link
Cybercriminals pose as "helpful" Stack Overflow users to push malware (www.bleepingcomputer.com)

Malware named 'pytoileur' disguised as API tool, promoted through answers on Stack Overflow.

9 points by entuno one hour ago | 1 comment | Direct link
Google confirms the leaked Search documents are real (www.theverge.com)

Google highlights caution for out-of-context or outdated documents, emphasizing no manipulation of search results.

167 points by alanzhuly 10 hours ago | 24 comments | Direct link
AI headphones let wearer listen to a single person in a crowd by looking at them (www.washington.edu)

Users can improve system by looking and listening, clarity of enrolled speaker's voice highly rated

912 points by keploy yesterday | 405 comments | Direct link
Three.js Shading Language (github.com)

Article covers usage of .onBeforeCompile, built-in functions, and recommended export function format.

142 points by bpierre 22 hours ago | 43 comments | Direct link
TTE: Terminal Text Effects (chrisbuilds.github.io)

Library provides customizable text effects with various command line arguments

1724 points by makapuf yesterday | 262 comments | Direct link
Show HN: Resource Index – FOSS Git Repository and NPM Package Index (res-index.hkit.cc)

Web application built with JavaScript & SQL for searching FOSS & npm packages.

10 points by aabbcc1241 5 hours ago | 2 comments | Direct link
Rex Computing (rexcomputing.com)

Focuses on energy-efficient processors, targeting 256 GFLOPs performance and 64 GFLOPs/watt efficiency.

66 points by tambourine_man 15 hours ago | 17 comments | Direct link
Runtime code generation and execution in Go (mathetake.github.io)

Author's experience at Tetrate.io and a demo's details are provided.

152 points by ingve on 2024-05-28 | 41 comments | Direct link
Bringing Rust to Safety-Critical Systems in Space (arxiv.org)

Introduction of arXivLabs platform, not mentioned in title

36 points by belter 14 hours ago | 13 comments | Direct link
Caddy 2.8 (github.com)
134 points by ingve 10 hours ago | 57 comments | Direct link
Can music make food taste better? (www.atlasobscura.com)

Examples of music's impact on dining history and 'sonic seasoning' research are explored.

52 points by cainxinth yesterday | 24 comments | Direct link
Physicists Puzzle over Emergence of Electron Aggregates (www.quantamagazine.org)

Researchers seek to understand fractional quantum anomalous Hall effect in moiré materials for quantum computing applications.

8 points by pseudolus 7 hours ago | No comments | Direct link
Toxoplasma Gondii significantly alters wolf behavior (www.sciencealert.com)

Infected wolves show 46 times higher chance of becoming pack leaders, exhibiting increased risk-taking behavior.

125 points by anigbrowl 12 hours ago | 51 comments | Direct link
The Naughty Words the FAA Removed from the Sky (www.beautifulpublicdata.com)

FAA renamed waypoints near Trump's estate in 2015 due to controversial comments.

46 points by Plasmoid 14 hours ago | 37 comments | Direct link
AdFlush (dl.acm.org)

AdFlush outperforms existing models and reduces computational overhead.

268 points by grac3 on 2024-05-28 | 98 comments | Direct link
Ottawa wants the power to create secret backdoors in networks for surveillance (www.theglobeandmail.com)

Bill C-26 could lead to network vulnerabilities and potential exploitation by malicious actors.

334 points by walterbell 18 hours ago | 253 comments | Direct link
"My Bike Is Everything to Me" (kottke.org)

Bike's role in Walton's life and mobility, cycling's impact on infrastructure, and conservation benefits.

148 points by robenkleene 8 hours ago | 83 comments | Direct link
Show HN: Slipshow – A presentation tool not based on slides (github.com)

It uses 'slips', offers markdown extension, and supports annotations and animations.

217 points by panglesd yesterday | 40 comments | Direct link
Galois/Counter Mode and random nonces (neilmadden.blog)

Article suggests using 128-bit nonces with AES-GCM to reduce collision probability, but notes it's not standard practice.

63 points by thunderbong on 2024-05-28 | 25 comments | Direct link
Disassembling Dalvik (margin.re)

A library for disassembling Dalvik bytecode in Rust is released, improving control flow visualization and exception handling.

7 points by kc0bfv 9 hours ago | No comments | Direct link
US girls getting first periods earlier over the last 50 years, study finds (www.theguardian.com)

Study conducted through an app, more pronounced among certain racial and socioeconomic groups, factors suggested for trend.

26 points by racional 6 hours ago | 18 comments | Direct link
Webview: Tiny cross-platform webview library for C/C++ (github.com)

Supports two-way JavaScript bindings, varies in C++ requirement across platforms, and provides examples and building instructions.

96 points by aragonite yesterday | 43 comments | Direct link
Training is not the same as chatting: LLMs don’t remember everything you say (simonwillison.net)

Training process involves pre-training data and instruction tuning, not user conversations.

191 points by simonw 21 hours ago | 123 comments | Direct link
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