TTE: Terminal Text Effects (chrisbuilds.github.io)

Library provides customizable text effects with various command line arguments

1728 points by makapuf yesterday | 262 comments | Direct link
Controlling the Taylor Swift Eras Tour wristbands with Flipper Zero (blog.jgc.org)

Explains the technology and reverse-engineering of IR protocol for control

960 points by jgrahamc on 2024-05-27 | 255 comments | Direct link
AI headphones let wearer listen to a single person in a crowd by looking at them (www.washington.edu)

Users can improve system by looking and listening, clarity of enrolled speaker's voice highly rated

914 points by keploy yesterday | 405 comments | Direct link
I sold TinyPilot, my first successful business (mtlynch.io)

Founder sold TinyPilot for $598,000 with a broker commission of $88,900 and legal fees of $18,297.

804 points by mtlynch 19 hours ago | 262 comments | Direct link
Kino: Pro Video Camera (www.lux.camera)

App now available for $9.99, with advanced features and intuitive interface.

708 points by louis-paul 16 hours ago | 264 comments | Direct link
API Shouldn't Redirect HTTP to HTTPS (jviide.iki.fi)

Popular APIs exhibit this behavior; article proposes disabling HTTP interface or clear error responses.

648 points by oherrala yesterday | 288 comments | Direct link
Instead of “auth”, we should say “permissions” and “login” (ntietz.com)

Proposes using 'permissions' for authorization and 'login' for authentication

611 points by tambourine_man on 2024-05-27 | 342 comments | Direct link
Reproducing GPT-2 in llm.c (github.com)
598 points by tosh yesterday | 113 comments | Direct link
Should I use JWTs for authentication tokens? (blog.ploetzli.ch)

Article argues JWTs are complex, not one-size-fits-all, and suggests opaque session tokens for many cases.

573 points by pantalaimon on 2024-05-27 | 394 comments | Direct link
The Internet Archive is under a DDoS attack (mastodon.archive.org)

DDoS attack started on May 27, 2024, caused most services to be unavailable but data remains unaffected.

495 points by toomanyrichies on 2024-05-27 | 206 comments | Direct link
Llama 3-V: Matching GPT4-V with a 100x smaller model and 500 dollars (aksh-garg.medium.com)

Utilizes SigLIP for image embedding and a projection block for token alignment, outperforms Lava, and employs caching and optimization techniques.

453 points by minimaxir yesterday | 74 comments | Direct link
Show HN: I made a free app to calibrate your turntable by simply playing a song (grooved.okat.best)

App named 'Grooved' calibrates turntables and is in closed beta for Android.

442 points by okatbest yesterday | 223 comments | Direct link
Surveilling the masses with wi-fi-based positioning systems (arxiv.org)

Introduces arXivLabs platform for feature creation and sharing, with privacy guarantees

441 points by belter on 2024-05-27 | 143 comments | Direct link
WP21 (ma.tt)

Matt Mullenweg's views on WP's success, future, and community engagement are highlighted.

422 points by joshbetz on 2024-05-28 | 172 comments | Direct link
Codestral: Mistral's Code Model (mistral.ai)

Outperforms competitors in performance and latency, praised by developers for speed and impact.

420 points by alexmolas 19 hours ago | 186 comments | Direct link
Vector indexing all of Wikipedia on a laptop (foojay.io)

Process took 5.5 hours and discusses compression parameters and graph indexing.

402 points by tjake 16 hours ago | 120 comments | Direct link
Gov. Polis Signs Bill Mandating That Consumers Have Options to Fix Electronics (coloradotimesrecorder.com)

Bill applies to various digital electronics and encourages other jurisdictions to follow.

371 points by rmason 13 hours ago | 79 comments | Direct link
Donating forks to the dining hall (1.coc0o44.preview.ben.page)

Ben's personal initiative and the forks' far-reaching impact.

336 points by kickofline yesterday | 99 comments | Direct link
Ottawa wants the power to create secret backdoors in networks for surveillance (www.theglobeandmail.com)

Bill C-26 could lead to network vulnerabilities and potential exploitation by malicious actors.

335 points by walterbell 19 hours ago | 253 comments | Direct link
Tantivy – full-text search engine library inspired by Apache Lucene (github.com)

Written in Rust, not designed for distributed search, approximately 2x faster than Lucene in benchmarks

332 points by kaathewise on 2024-05-27 | 58 comments | Direct link
Show HN: Openkoda – Open–source, private, Salesforce alternative (github.com)

Platform with customizable features and various integrations, evolving with regular updates.

305 points by mgl yesterday | 108 comments | Direct link
Anonymous Source Shared Leaked Google Search API Documents (sparktoro.com)

Leaked documents detail specific ranking systems and methods used by Google

303 points by andrewfong on 2024-05-28 | 128 comments | Direct link
Mobifree – An open-source mobile ecosystem (f-droid.org)

Includes F-Droid in creating a decentralized app distribution system and highlights ethical, sustainable, and inclusive practices.

299 points by jrepinc yesterday | 171 comments | Direct link
DuckDB Doesn't Need Data to Be a Database (www.nikolasgoebel.com)

Virtual database created with instructions for working with separate data blobs.

285 points by tosh yesterday | 99 comments | Direct link
AdFlush (dl.acm.org)

AdFlush outperforms existing models and reduces computational overhead.

269 points by grac3 on 2024-05-28 | 98 comments | Direct link
Companies with return-to-office mandates face losing their most valuable workers (www.rte.ie)

Article highlights risks of RTO mandates, including potential turnover costs and lost productivity.

264 points by ewgfdgdfgdf yesterday | 291 comments | Direct link
The Nonprofit Industrial Complex and the Corruption of the American City (americanaffairsjournal.org)

Highlights examples of nonprofits' misuse of funds and unqualified hires, and lack of oversight in government services outsourcing

259 points by lalaland1125 on 2024-05-28 | 226 comments | Direct link
Gh-dash: A beautiful CLI dashboard for GitHub (github.com)

Includes customizable filters, keybindings, actions, and themes; supports multiple configurations and installation methods.

251 points by robenkleene on 2024-05-28 | 62 comments | Direct link
Three Laws of Software Complexity (maheshba.bitbucket.io)

Article highlights how complexity in software systems persists and affects engineers working on them.

242 points by r4um yesterday | 131 comments | Direct link
Doing is normally distributed, learning is log-normal (hiandrewquinn.github.io)

Article also discusses impact of 'leaky pipelines' on software estimation and industry practices.

242 points by hiAndrewQuinn on 2024-05-28 | 71 comments | Direct link
Researchers cracked an 11-year-old password to a $3M crypto wallet (www.wired.com)

Researchers found a flaw in RoboForm's password generator and cracked the password using the date and time of creation.

238 points by ColinWright yesterday | 176 comments | Direct link
Grokked Transformers Are Implicit Reasoners (arxiv.org)

Grokked Transformers outperform explicit reasoning models

237 points by jasondavies on 2024-05-27 | 59 comments | Direct link
Tinygrad 0.9.0 (github.com)
233 points by wozeparrot yesterday | 46 comments | Direct link
FrankenPHP: Modern PHP App Server (frankenphp.dev)

Project by Ryan Weaver simplifies management, uses custom-built SAPI, and eliminates PHP-FPM.

225 points by aquova 6 hours ago | 123 comments | Direct link
Google releases smart watch for kids (store.google.com)

Paid data plan, Fitbit Arcade games, activity tracking, and parental supervision features included.

220 points by goeldhru 15 hours ago | 556 comments | Direct link
Show HN: Slipshow – A presentation tool not based on slides (github.com)

It uses 'slips', offers markdown extension, and supports annotations and animations.

218 points by panglesd yesterday | 40 comments | Direct link
IBDNS: Intentionally Broken DNS server (www.afnic.fr)

Afnic releases IBDNS to improve Zonemaster and simulate incorrect DNS behavior.

211 points by patadune 17 hours ago | 21 comments | Direct link
Show HN: File0 – An easier way to manage files in serverless apps (www.file0.dev)

introduces File0 as S3 alternative with simpler implementation

208 points by davidkarolyi on 2024-05-28 | 151 comments | Direct link
More Itertools (more-itertools.readthedocs.io)

maintained by Erik Rose and Benjamin Bayles, with recipes organized into categorized functions

206 points by stereoabuse on 2024-05-27 | 48 comments | Direct link
New attention mechanisms that outperform standard multi-head attention (arxiv.org)

Introduces a platform called arXivLabs with collaborative features

202 points by snats 14 hours ago | 36 comments | Direct link
Former OpenAI board member explains why they fired Sam Altman (www.theverge.com)

Board cited Altman's untruthful safety claims, personal targeting, and toxic work environment leading to his removal.

199 points by pookieinc yesterday | 2 comments | Direct link
Training is not the same as chatting: LLMs don’t remember everything you say (simonwillison.net)

Training process involves pre-training data and instruction tuning, not user conversations.

193 points by simonw 22 hours ago | 124 comments | Direct link
Run VSCode and terminal on any iOS device (docs.blink.sh)

Introducing Blink Code tool; supports local and remote files; connects to VSCode web, Codespaces, GitPod, or personal Code server; provides troubleshooting tips and keyboard shortcuts

184 points by ericciarla on 2024-05-28 | 131 comments | Direct link
Fractal Geometry (users.math.yale.edu)
181 points by andsoitis on 2024-05-28 | 30 comments | Direct link
Notepad Tab (notepadtab.com)
180 points by gamekingro on 2024-05-27 | 140 comments | Direct link
Google confirms the leaked Search documents are real (www.theverge.com)

Google highlights caution for out-of-context or outdated documents, emphasizing no manipulation of search results.

177 points by alanzhuly 11 hours ago | 27 comments | Direct link
Ticketmaster breach affects more than half a billion users (mashable.com)

Hacker group named ShinyHunters selling stolen data for $500,000; Ticketmaster yet to confirm breach or reveal cause; Company previously fined for unauthorized access.

175 points by RafelMri 17 hours ago | 56 comments | Direct link
Google Search document leak reveals inner workings of ranking algorithm (searchengineland.com)

Number of ranking features and attributes, click measurements, originality scores, and freshness assessment are outlined.

174 points by isaacfrond yesterday | 131 comments | Direct link
Leaked OpenAI Docs Show Sam Altman Clearly Aware of Silencing Former Employees (futurism.com)

Revelations also include threats to claw back vested equity and executive departures.

164 points by Paul-Craft yesterday | 57 comments | Direct link
ChatTTS-Best open source TTS Model (github.com)

Model excels in conversational TTS, supports multiple speakers and emotions, and has manual control options.

160 points by informal007 yesterday | 81 comments | Direct link
Google won’t comment on a leak of its search algorithm documentation (www.theverge.com)

Leaked documents suggest Google may not have been truthful about ranking practices and detail data collection methods.

159 points by janandonly yesterday | 47 comments | Direct link
20 Years of Blogging on my own website (jeena.net)

Blogging journey includes German and English blogs, change in features, and personal writing motivations.

157 points by jeena yesterday | 69 comments | Direct link
Runtime code generation and execution in Go (mathetake.github.io)

Author's experience at Tetrate.io and a demo's details are provided.

153 points by ingve on 2024-05-28 | 41 comments | Direct link
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