Show HN: I made a pixel art editor for Windows desktop (www.lightcube.art)

Supports Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11, with features like layer management, animation frames, and shape tools.

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Show HN: Serverless Postgres (github.com)

Experimental MVP utilizing Fly.io, Oriole, and Tigris with S3 storage, background workers for data backup, and planned improvements.

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Show HN: Right-click and save content directly to Google Sheets (www.addtosheets.com)

Extension is compatible with Brave and Microsoft Edge, and can be used for various productivity tasks and as a CRM.

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Show HN: Resource Index – FOSS Git Repository and NPM Package Index (res-index.hkit.cc)

Web application built with JavaScript & SQL for searching FOSS & npm packages.

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Show HN: Brisk a complete CI system is now Open Source (brisktest.com)

CI system designed for speed, only rebuilding when necessary, in private beta for Rails and Python.

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Show HN: Slipshow – A presentation tool not based on slides (github.com)

It uses 'slips', offers markdown extension, and supports annotations and animations.

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Show HN: File0 – An easier way to manage files in serverless apps (www.file0.dev)

introduces File0 as S3 alternative with simpler implementation

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Show HN: Openkoda – Open–source, private, Salesforce alternative (github.com)

Platform with customizable features and various integrations, evolving with regular updates.

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Show HN: A deeper dive into Apple's WI-FI geolocation service (github.com)

Article also discusses a 'Wifi Tile' endpoint and its encoded coordinate system.

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Show HN: ChatGPT Personal Secretary PoC (github.com)

Developed with ChatGPT and LangGraph, includes a red teaming feature for testing.

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Show HN: I made a free app to calibrate your turntable by simply playing a song (grooved.okat.best)

App named 'Grooved' calibrates turntables and is in closed beta for Android.

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Show HN: I made an AI powered alternative to Webflow, Wix, Framer (www.instawebai.com)

Platform utilizes machine learning for AI-driven design suggestions

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Show HN: I made a web color palette generator/editor to simplify color harmony (www.palettemaker.io)

It also includes a contrast checker and colorblind preview mode for accessibility.

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Show HN: WebRTC P2P DataChannel Chat with Go WebAssembly (github.com)

Code and details on WebAssembly and DataChannel use provided.

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Show HN: Autospec – open-source agent that generates E2E tests for your web app (github.com)

Utilizes vision and text language models to mimic user judgment on UI output

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Show HN: Turn CSV Files into SQL Statements for Quick Database Transfers (github.com)

It is a Python package with a CLI command, supports batch size, and built by the author for personal use.

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Show HN: Try this HTML emulator with multiple LLMs, now better with GPT-4 omni (show.intellinode.ai)

Emulator uses multiple LLMs for specific tasks and offers advanced settings, including an OpenAI proxy.

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Show HN: Open-source Tableau alternative but as React component plus DuckDB-WASM (github.com)

Features drag-and-drop interface, data explainer, and various data operations

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Show HN: All you need is Prometheus and Jaeger for LLM Observability (docs.openlit.io)

Includes setup instructions and use of OpenTelemetry Collector for enhanced monitoring.

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Show HN: Tesmon Platform == Postman + Cypress + RestAssured + Database + More (tesmon.io)

It offers a unified language for testing, extends testing to databases and Kafka, and provides a desktop and web app.

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Show HN: Get your unstructured data AI-ready in minutes (www.tonic.ai)

Data lakehouse with privacy-preserving features for AI-ready unstructured data.

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Show HN: I created Sentence Counter to quickly count sentences and words (chromewebstore.google.com)

Web-based tool that supports multiple languages and is simple to use

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Show HN: KeyPush: Mix of Bing/ChatGPT (keypush.ai)

Allowing users to force Bing or ChatGPT searches with 'b' or 'c'.

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Show HN: No-Code AI Workflows and AI Agent Builder: Each AI (twitter.com)

describes no-code AI workflow and agent building features

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Show HN: LLM Hacking Database (github.com)

Techniques used include context exhaustion, code introspection, and jailbreaking examples.

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Show HN: DryPub – Search and review non-alcoholic drinks (thedrypub.com)

Users can share and explore favorite beverages on the platform.

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Show HN: Gondola AI – See how much your loyalty points are worth (www.gogondola.ai)

Platform supports 100+ rewards programs, suggests best redemption options.

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Show HN: Paramount is an OSS package for *Human* Evals of AI support (github.com)

Designed for quality assurance and automated testing, can be customized and containerized, with different licensing options.

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Show HN: I created Habit Tracker to help you build habits and achieve goals (chromewebstore.google.com)

Features include reader mode, network automation, and screen recording.

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Show HN: Sword – A compile time dependency injection library for Swift (github.com)

Supports Xcode & Swift Package Manager, handles dependency graphs, and offers assisted injection.

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Show HN: DIY Instagram Automation for My Influencer Wife (github.com)

Introduces a DIY chat automation tool with Google Sheets, Python, and specific tech stack details.

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Show HN: Yeloy – It's like Linktree but for developers (www.yeloy.com)

Includes customization, GitHub & LeetCode connections, project display.

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Show HN: Utils for making <form> nice in every front end framework (github.com)

Utility function installed via npm and handles different input types.

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Show HN: Simple and affordable AI video generation (echofyai.vercel.app)

Pricing and language support details added

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