Geometry for Entertainment – Yakov Perelman (1950/2024) (archive.org)

A new English translation of a 1950 Russian book is announced, with a focus on making geometry accessible and interesting.

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Improving Linux Performance by Preserving Buffer Cache State (insights.oetiker.ch)

Article also describes how rsync has been modified to use posix_fadvise and mincore for performance improvement.

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European elections 2024: all you need to know (elections.europa.eu)

Voting options for EU citizens and registration requirements highlighted

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Show HN: MathActive – Solve math equations quickly to dominate the leaderboard (apps.apple.com)

Game features practice mode and speed bonus multiplier.

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Create personalised podcasts on niche topics via WhatsApp (www.sofon.xyz)

Utilizes knowledge base from podcasts, articles, and books for content curation

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Product-User Fit Comes Before Product-Market Fit (a16z.com)

Highlighting the role of power users and market readiness in product-market fit transition.

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What the Whales Want You to Know (worldsensorium.com)

Author's firsthand account of a whale's insights and suggested human responses to protect marine life.

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There's No Such Thing as "Just a Song" (nautil.us)

Article discusses expert's study of sea shanties as manifestations of manhood, not class consciousness.

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Academics on Mastodon (nathanlesage.github.io)

It provides categorized lists of academics and official university accounts, with opt-in form details.

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I love my wife. My wife is dead (lettersofnote.com)

Letter written in 1946, unopened until Feynman's death in 1988, his wife died of tuberculosis in 1945.

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Compiler Explorer (godbolt.org)

Options can cause errors, only apply to compilation, and 'Ctrl+S' creates a short link

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Ask HN: Rogue employee took control of Stripe account
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Living brain-cell biocomputers are now training on dopamine (newatlas.com)

The biocomputers are implemented as cyborg organoids wired to silicon chips, and system is available on cloud for researchers and commercial users.

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Dbt Pull-Request Data Audit in GitHub Codespaces for Free (medium.com)

Method for data quality assurance using Recce in Codespaces outlined

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Daylight – A More Caring Computer (daylightcomputer.com)

A Public Benefit Corporation committed to minimizing harm and syncing with the sun's patterns.

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U.S. workers are less satisfied with nearly every aspect of their jobs (www.cnbc.com)

Job satisfaction increased slightly, but subcomponents fell; hybrid workers expressed highest satisfaction; gender gap persists; job seekers advised to consider factors beyond pay.

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We Already Have a Digital Currency (kevquirk.com)

Most currency movement occurs through digital transactions.

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Living Inside Your Own Black Box (2010) (prog21.dadgum.com)

Suggests solutions for bridging the gap between programmers' understanding and capabilities of systems.

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PAQ (en.wikipedia.org)
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Sonic: A Low-Latency Voice Model for Lifelike Speech (cartesia.ai)

Company's vision and Sonic's efficiency over Transformer implementations

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Google responds to leak: Documentation lacks context (searchengineland.com)

Google avoids commenting on leaked document specifics, citing manipulation concerns.

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RelMeAuth (microformats.org)

Standard uses rel-me links for OAuth authentication across profiles

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Show HN: AI powered image search across multiple folders for macOS (smarterfolder.com)

Browses multiple folders and ensures user privacy

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Docker Hub is not accessible from Russia (forums.docker.com)

US export control regulations cause blockage; regular Russians may be more affected; elections and referendums questioned.

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Show HN: I made a pixel art editor for Windows desktop (www.lightcube.art)

Supports Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11, with features like layer management, animation frames, and shape tools.

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RaivoOTP 2FA app sold. Latest update removes access to existing TOTP tokens (github.com)

Users locked out of accounts after update; app sold, features removed, users concerned about security

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Neostandard: A spiritual successor to the standardjs JavaScript style guide (github.com)

The article also discusses Neostandard's more opinionated rule set, plugin system, and community involvement in the project.

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SubTranslate AI:combine context for translation with AI, better localization (subtranslateai.com)

Utilizes AI-driven technology for auto translation, with focus on accuracy and readability.

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Quantum time travel: The experiment to 'send a particle into the past' (www.newscientist.com)

Experimentally feasible in the quantum realm, with implications for cause and effect, quantum theory, and reality.

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Show HN: I built a 12x cheaper remove.bg alternative (www.optify.dev)

Tool with features for background removal, cropping, compression, and conversion.

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Wind and Solar Saved the US $250B over 4 Years, Report Finds (arstechnica.com)

Study includes benefits from pollution control and health impacts.

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Slash Pages (slashpages.net)

Coined by Caleb Hearth and Shellsharks, slash pages are part of the IndieWeb and vary in purpose.

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Henri-Georges Clouzot's Le Corbeau (cinemasojourns.com)

Based on a true story, faced backlash, banned in France, regarded as a masterpiece.

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Rails 7.2 Beta 1: Better production defaults, Dev containers, new guides design (rubyonrails.org)

Dev container configuration and changes to default production settings are highlighted.

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Better Know a Ruby Thing: Methods and Access Control (Part 1) (noelrappin.com)

Introduces Ruby-specific terms and creates methods using 'def' keyword

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Why Google's AI wants you to put glue on pizza (goodcomputer.substack.com)

Introduction of Google's 'AI Overviews' and Retrieval-Augmented Generation to address 'hallucination' issue in Large Language Models.

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Why, after 6 years, I'm over GraphQL (bessey.dev)

Author highlights production concerns and suggests alternatives to GraphQL

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A Step Closer to Solving the Fermi Paradox (eos.org)

Takes into account long-lived plate tectonics and presence of both watery and dry environments in exoplanets

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Supercentenarian and remarkable age records signal clerical errors and fraud (www.biorxiv.org)

Inconsistencies found in supercentenarian records linked to poverty, health, and crime.

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API Platform (api-platform.com)

Supports data retrieval, persistence, and validation with various databases and frontend frameworks.

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For Y'll Managers in Tech (chromewebstore.google.com)

Productivity tool 'Simple URL' detailed, with features like Slack integration and Chrome extension.

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Why is no Laravel/Rails in JavaScript? Will there be one? (zenstack.dev)

Contemporary efforts to build Rails-like frameworks and the introduction of Prisma ORM.

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The KeePassXC Kerfuffle (lwn.net)
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Ultrasonic Coffee – Does it taste good? (www.theguardian.com)

Method of brewing and flavor profile details not in title.

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Arm with Samsung Electronics moves forward towards new AI Chips (indianexpress.com)

Arm to offer software tools for AI development, aiming for quicker time-to-market and NPU acceleration.

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World-first tooth-regrowing drug will be given to humans in September (newatlas.com)

Human trial starts in September, potential commercial availability by 2030, drug deactivates USAG-1 protein

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RapidForms (rapidforms.co)

It is a more affordable and efficient alternative to Typeform and Tally with specific features.

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