Rails 7.2 Beta 1: Better production defaults, Dev containers, new guides design (rubyonrails.org)

Dev container configuration and changes to default production settings are highlighted.

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Webview: Tiny cross-platform webview library for C/C++ (github.com)

Supports two-way JavaScript bindings, varies in C++ requirement across platforms, and provides examples and building instructions.

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Disassembling Dalvik (margin.re)

A library for disassembling Dalvik bytecode in Rust is released, improving control flow visualization and exception handling.

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Shadama: A particle simulation programming environment for everyone (tinlizzie.org)

Details liveness in code changes, breeds, methods, and primitives, as well as limitations

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Paris's Catacomb Mushrooms (2017) (www.atlasobscura.com)

Mushroom cultivation began in 17th century, peaked with 1,000 tons produced annually, and declined with Paris metro construction.

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Training is not the same as chatting: LLMs don’t remember everything you say (simonwillison.net)

Training process involves pre-training data and instruction tuning, not user conversations.

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US girls getting first periods earlier over the last 50 years, study finds (www.theguardian.com)

Study conducted through an app, more pronounced among certain racial and socioeconomic groups, factors suggested for trend.

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Three Laws of Software Complexity (maheshba.bitbucket.io)

Article highlights how complexity in software systems persists and affects engineers working on them.

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Reproducing GPT-2 in llm.c (github.com)
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How Facebook Killed Online Chat (hackaday.com)

Discusses intentionality, design lack of social signals, and magic of anticipation in older online chat platforms.

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Zig's New CLI Progress Bar Explained (andrewkelley.me)

It's a music player side project with a focus on Zig Build System's progress visualization and a sharing protocol.

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Speedup of deletes on PostgreSQL (ivdl.co.za)

Author addressed slow DELETE query due to unindexed foreign keys

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Louisiana law will criminalize approaching police under certain circumstances (apnews.com)

Bill raises concerns over limiting public's ability to film officers and potential First Amendment infringement

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Amazon Cloud Traffic Is Suffocating Fedora's Mirrors (www.phoronix.com)

Traffic surge attributed to Amazon/AWS cloud and EPEL, putting pressure on Fedora web proxies and volunteer mirrors.

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EvilAppleJuice-ESP32: Spam Apple Proximity Messages via an ESP32 (github.com)

Exploits BLE vulnerabilities to spam messages on iPhones; uses randomized MAC addresses; tested on ESP32-C3.

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Mistral AI launches its own version Open License (mistral.ai)

Mistral AI releases MNPL for non-commercial use and consolidates product families.

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20 Years of Blogging on my own website (jeena.net)

Blogging journey includes German and English blogs, change in features, and personal writing motivations.

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My Favorite Gleam Feature (erikarow.land)

Explains partial application and pipe operator, and discusses code discoverability and documentation.

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Run VSCode and terminal on any iOS device (docs.blink.sh)

Introducing Blink Code tool; supports local and remote files; connects to VSCode web, Codespaces, GitPod, or personal Code server; provides troubleshooting tips and keyboard shortcuts

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XZ Utils 5.6.2 (stable), 5.4.7 (old stable), 5.2.13 (old old stable) out (tukaani.org)

New releases address a security issue; utilities produce specific output size before error; build systems support multiple tools; licensed under BSD and GNU licenses.

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Proposal to change default annotation processing policy in JDK 23 (mail.openjdk.org)

Change aims to make build output more robust; old behavior can be preserved with -proc:full.

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Google Algorithm Leaked (www.seroundtable.com)

Leaker's identity revealed, click signals module and Chrome views metrics mentioned.

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HAProxy 3.0 Released (www.haproxy.com)

Includes new features for TLS certificates, HTTP/2 connections, configuration objects, and stats.

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ZIRP Explains the World (2020) (www.readmargins.com)

ZIRP influences investment shifts from savings to riskier assets, impacting behaviors from startups to multinationals.

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the US and global partners dismantle the 911 S5 proxy botnet (www.bleepingcomputer.com)

Chinese national arrested, botnet used for various cybercrimes, $99 million generated, sanctions imposed.

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Japan constructs first wood satellite, possible launch in September (english.kyodonews.net)

Utilizes traditional Japanese techniques, demonstrates insulation properties, and reduces re-entry particles.

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AI products like ChatGPT much hyped but not much used, study says (www.bbc.com)

Survey of 12,000 people in six countries shows AI adoption patterns and attitudes, with young people more likely to use AI technology.

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Microsoft confirms Windows 11 24H2 ditches AC-3 codec (Dolby Digital) (www.windowslatest.com)

Phasing out of AC-3 codec; Microsoft's support for modern codecs and paid 'packs'.

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Nalanda: The university that changed the world (2023) (www.bbc.com)

University's mathematical and astronomical contributions, scholars' cultural exchange program across Asia highlighted.

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I Miss BSD/Linux (brainbaking.com)

Author discusses frustrations with modern macOS and mentions considering non-Apple devices.

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The new Framework Laptop 13 with Intel Core Ultra Series 1 processors (frame.work)

Pre-orders now open, 3-year warranty for business configurations, 9.2MP webcam, higher resolution display with rounded corners, lower price for DIY Edition.

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Arm says its next-gen mobile GPU will be its most 'performant and efficient' (www.theverge.com)

Cortex-X925 CPU offers 36% increase in single-core performance and 41% in AI workload performance; G925 GPU is 37% faster on graphics, 52% better in ray-tracing.

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Tinygrad 0.9.0 (github.com)
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Simple Speech-to-Text on the '10 Cents' CH32V003 Microcontroller (github.com)

Program uses MAX4466 amplifier board and MFCC feature extraction, with 90% accuracy.

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Hacker Releases Jailbroken "Godmode" Version of ChatGPT (futurism.com)

Hack involved bypassing guardrails with 'leetspeak' and led to controversial responses.

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Fractal Geometry (users.math.yale.edu)
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The Atlantic announces partnership with OpenAI (www.theatlantic.com)

Partnership includes product development and The Atlantic's team gaining access to OpenAI technology.

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BYD achieves 1,300-mile driving range with latest PHEVs (technode.com)

Platform allows 1,305 mile range at RMB 99,800, thermal and energy management system included, 46.06% thermal to mechanical energy conversion, efficient performance in extreme weather, 2.9L/100 km fuel consumption.

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Surveilling the masses with wi-fi-based positioning systems (arxiv.org)

Introduces arXivLabs platform for feature creation and sharing, with privacy guarantees

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Steve Jurvetson's personal collection of Apollo Lunar Module parts (www.flickr.com)

Collection includes Moon and Mars rocks, Jurvetson's role as curator, and preserved spacecraft

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The problem with the Darling 58 genetically modified chestnut tree (nymag.com)

Lab mix-up reveals different transgenic iteration; partnership collapses, deregulation withdrawn.

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Using Parquet's Bloom Filters (www.influxdata.com)

Experiments detail specific query time reductions and storage impacts of different Bloom filter parameters.

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Researchers accurately dating a 7k-year-old settlement using cosmic rays (phys.org)

Method combines dendrochronology and radiocarbon dating, enabling dating of prehistoric sites without tree-ring chronologies.

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Show HN: File0 – An easier way to manage files in serverless apps (www.file0.dev)

introduces File0 as S3 alternative with simpler implementation

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Former FTX Executive Ryan Salame Sentenced to 90 Months in Prison (www.justice.gov)

Salame helped FTX grow through unlawful means, made over 300 unlawful political contributions, and ordered to pay over $11 million in fines and restitution.

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New earplugs won't amplify the sound of your own voice (www.scientificamerican.com)

New earplug design reduces 'occlusion effect' and amplification of internal noises.

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