Autism and PTSD Are Vulnerably Linked

51 points by bookofjoe on 2024-05-15 | 10 comments

Automated Summary

The article discusses a study that found individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are more susceptible to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) than neurotypical individuals. Mild stressors can trigger PTSD in those with ASD, leading to an exacerbation of core autistic traits like repetitive behavior. The research highlights specific brain circuit alterations in the prefrontal cortex responsible for this hypersensitivity. This study emphasizes the need for tailored therapeutic interventions for individuals with ASD who also have PTSD.


deepnet on 2024-05-15

This is a mouse study

“Senior author Dr Nathalie Dehorter said the study —

conducted on mice…”

cwillu on 2024-05-15

I need to make a chrome extension that makes the url bar turn red if the phrase “in mice” appears in the text.

dpig_ on 2024-05-15

Have you no empathy for mice who are autistic war vets?

neongodzilla on 2024-05-16

Yes because only military vets experience trauma or some shit.

faeriechangling on 2024-05-16

They probably experience a lot more brain trauma to the point I’m a little wary of assuming they have the same condition as autistics - the etiology might be totally different with a similar symptomology which is the sort of situation the DSM is ill equipped to distinguish between.

The ICD even has the separate concept of CPTSD which imho might fit autistics better.

Talinx on 2024-05-15

Maybe stimming helps people with PTSD, too. Has anybody tried that?

navjack27 on 2024-05-15

You mean you don't see people that have a mental breakdown rocking back and forth? It doesn't help it's a thing that happens!

Talinx on 2024-05-15

Stimming helps autistic people. Refraining from stimming leads to increased anxiety in autism [1].

It can very well be the case that it does not help any allistic people, I'm not familiar with the literature in that regard. Searching for "stimming PTSD" in google scholar does not bring up any studies that look into this, so if PTSD and ASD share some common characteristics this might be worthwhile looking into.


TT-392 on 2024-05-18

It does, some PTSD therapies explicitly teach people with PTSD how to stim.

barrenko on 2024-05-15

Well if ptsd is being stuck in a repeating loop in itself...